With fall just starting and winter coming at lightning speed, Elpizo Counselling Service is happy to announce a refresh to a brand that has supported their community for more than 19 years. We are Elpizo and are very excited to showcase this new look for the company and invite everyone to take a look at our website and social media to see the changes. 

Many changes come from this new look like our enhanced, blue and orange colours. The blue represents loyalty, intelligence, faith, tranquillity and calmness. While the orange compliments the blue and represents determination, success, encouragement, and stimulation. We believe that these colours represent Elpizo the best as we embrace these ideals every time we interact with a client or partner.

The Executive Director of Elpizo, Ruth Baah-Gyebi has been very excited about this new era at Elpizo and had this to say. “Our new mission and vision statements “Building hope, renewing strength, supporting healing and enriching lives” captures the essence, core and character of Elpizo”. 

Aside from the colours, there are many other things that you might take notice of. The website has been refreshed and is now easier to navigate for our clients and partners. We will also be producing more content to bring awareness and information to people interested in counselling and therapy on our website as well as Youtube. 
One thing is for sure, even though Elpizo may look different, we are still providing reliable and engaging service to clients. We will always make sure that the clients’ needs come first during every session while at the same time making sure we are accessible through unprecedented times. If you would like a free consultation please feel free to contact us at this link https://elpizocounselling.com/book-online/.

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