Counselling Services for Individuals

Counselling and Therapy Services for Individuals

We offer professional counselling and therapy to individuals with a wide range of needs.

Sue Atkinson, Climbing out of depression, 1993

“A broken leg tells the world there is something wrong. But when your mind shuts off from reality in order to survive; you have no easy way to tell the world that you are hurting inside”

For Individuals

Counselling could be described as an activity, which aims to help others in any or all aspects of their being within a caring relationship.

Sometimes, we experience distressing events and feelings, which seem to have no end or solution in sight. There are occasions where we are able to deduce that our feelings may be due to a particular circumstance such as marital discord, relationship problem, bereavement or loss of employment, but at other times we simply have no idea why we feel the way we do. These feelings can be strong and even unbearable. The anxiety felt due to these problems can be so great that certain decisions are made hastily and blindly to the individual’s detriment.

Counselling assists people to explore and clarify their thoughts and feelings so they can arrive at their own decisions and make major changes in their lives.

Counselling is not only for those in an emotional crisis but it is also for those who want to check their blind spots and for those who want to build and maintain their emotional well-being.

We offer the following Counselling Options:

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People seek individual counselling for numerous reasons such as: