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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Meet The Team

Ruth Baah-Gyebi, M.Sc Registered Psychotherapist, Executive Director & Supervisor

Focus: Couple and Family Therapy, Supervision and Trainer

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Mark Twain

The quote was shared with me some 29 years ago and to date, I can confidently say, that I do what I do because it’s not “work”, it’s a pleasure and an honor that I can hold space and provide a safe non-judgmental environment ear for you.

I love what I do and I am motivated seeing my clients empowered to do what they thought they couldn’t. I am thrilled when couples leave sessions with a bounce in their steps and hope to continue their marital journey.

I have been a therapist for the past 19 years, married for 27 years to the love of my life, Elvis; and together we own and run Elpizo Counselling Services and Elpizo Training & Consultancy.

As a registered psychotherapist, I cherish the opportunity to assist anyone through providing genuine, empathetic and caring support whilst gently challenging clients to having a new way of thinking that will be to their best advantage.


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ELVIS BAAH-GYEBI, M.Sc., Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Director & Supervisor

Focus: Couples and Individuals

Everyone has the ability to gain control over their lives despite existing blockades. Given the right tools and support, they can achieve their goals and move forward. I work toward empowering clients so they can create positive change to the best of their advantage. 

I am a seasoned psychotherapist with over 19 years and registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and a member of Ontario Association for Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP). 

I believe that you don’t only have to seek therapy when you have a problem. Just like having an annual medical check-up it is equally as important to also get a mental and emotional well-being check-up.  Counselling may seem daunting but I thrive at making you feel comfortable and relaxed in my sessions, many have inquired whether I am offering a comedic session or counselling so be prepared to have a laugh!


Each client is unique and different so I work with a variety of therapeutic modalities to best fit the client’s needs. Some of the interventions used in therapy include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focus Therapy, Hope Focus therapy, Multi-Modal Therapy, Well Formed Outcome, Prepare Enrich, Systemic Family Therapy, Appreciative Inquiry Model and Rapid Resolution Therapy.

My treatment focus areas are with individuals and couples dealing with the following challenges but not limited to, PTSD, abuse, depression anxiety, grief and loss, anger, stress management, relationship difficulties and life transitions. I am passionate about training and supervising registered psychotherapist (RP’s), registered psychotherapist (qualifying), social workers, postgraduate students completing internships.


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Alex Hajas, MA, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Allow me to help you achieve your goal. You are an expert in being you, I am here to help you on your journey by providing useful knowledge and tools.

I aim to provide a non-judgmental safe space for individuals to address a wide variety of issues. I am trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Brief Narrative Therapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy. That being said I don’t believe in a purist approach, I work with my clients in a collaborative way and listen for their input, if something isn’t working, I will put in the work to tailor my approach to the clients’ needs.

As a licensed Psychotherapist, I am committed to the well-being of all my clients and aim to go above and beyond to cater to their needs. I genuinely care for all of my clients, and work diligently to help find them the answers they seek. 


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Reena Vanza, MPH, MA, Registered Psychotherapist

Languages: English, Urdu & Hindi

I am honored to be able to work with you and journey with you through this phase of your life. I have been working to promote mental health wellbeing in the community for over 15 years. My passion is to provide counselling to support individuals and couples with trauma experiences get relief. 

My approach is integrative, trauma-informed and anti-oppressive. I strive to help build a strong and supportive relationship with you, to ensure that you feel safe to explore any concerns and feel ultimately empowered to work towards your goals as well as take control of your health and well-being. 

I use a blend of various modalities to ensure tailored care. I am trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), CBT for Trauma, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Multimodal therapy, Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy. 

I have qualifications in, Psychology, Public Health and Counselling Psychology.


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Nadine Thompson, MFT (Associate)

Change can be difficult to think about, much less accept, especially when it involves relationships with the people you are closest to.  I am a caring Marriage and Family Therapist who will guide you through life’s changes no matter how great or small.  I believe strongly that each person has incredible potential and I am passionate about helping individuals and families discover and use their strengths to overcome challenges.

I provide individuals, couples, and families with a non-judgmental space to address issues such as anxiety, depression, infidelity, domestic violence and trauma.  I am an experiential-oriented therapist with experience in using a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Satir’s Growth Model, Cognitive Based Therapy, Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy to support my clients in achieving their goals. I have years of practical experience in running family-oriented and couples enrichment relationship building activities. I tailor my approach to meet the individual needs of my clients. 

As an individual or family seeking assistance, it is important to realize that you are part of a larger system or unit.  As a therapist, I will focus on helping you to understand the ways in which the individual components of that system interact with each other.  I will support you in identifying and building upon positive connections and making personal adjustments that will help you develop healthier relationships.

Making the decision to ask for help is the first step in overcoming the challenges that you are facing.  I look forward to supporting you as you continue your journey.


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Vennassa Roper-Cunningham MA, LPC - Clinical Mental Health Therapist

As a Clinical Mental Health Therapist, it is my goal to extend compassion and empathetic support to clients so that they feel supported, listened to and cared for. I have worked with children, youth, adults, and families both in the United states and Canada. I have a unique background in working with children and their families who are in a residential setting, detention centers and foster care system. I am a certified trauma professional who specializes in working with clients that have suffered life changing events of abuse, death, family separation, and other adverse experiences. My work focuses on helping people cope with mental, emotional and relationship issues. 

I use a variety of Client-centered approaches including Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Play therapy, Mindfulness-based techniques, Trauma Focus cognitive Behavioral therapy, Attachment focused theory, family systems theory, elements of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Psycho-education strategies.  

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Cecilia Jaramillo, MA, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Focus: Adults and Couples

Languages: English & Spanish

My great passion is bringing hope and healing to people who have been through difficult life experiences. Since everyone is unique, I believe in an eclectic approach to achieving a balance in mind, spirit, and body. I assist clients in strengthening their self-confidence, face fears to achieve their goals, learn new skills to embrace their life peacefully.

My previous life as a painter allows me to bring creativity to my sessions to help clients engage as they use various forms of art therapy to explore and express their emotions and feelings. 

My educational background includes Arts, Humanities, Counselling Psychology; and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Personality. I also have additional training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. My professional experience is within the social services and non-profit sectors.


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Joline Hanna, MBA, MA Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Focus: Adults and Couples

Languages: English & Arabic

My mission is to collaborate with a dedicated focus on providing an authentic, meaningful and effective support structure as we embark on your therapeutic journey.

I come from a background in business and project management with experience in the Engineering, Construction and Consulting industries that provides me with a unique perspective in approaching and overcoming challenges. With further education and training in Counselling Psychology, I utilize the skills from my past experience to help clients develop and implement their goals. 

My areas of practice include but not  limited to: Anxiety  Stress, Depression, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Anger issues, Relationship issues, Career Issues and Transitions etc.

I am known for my creative nature and so bring in that side of my personality to help clients in transmitting knowledge. I strive to empower participants with the necessary tools and techniques to maximize their performance and enhance their confidence. I have additional training in Gottman Couples Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), anger management and group work therapy.

My experience beyond therapy provides me with a unique perspective in sharing and understanding the needs of my clients. I have over ten years of experience as a facilitator, consultant and project manager for public and private clients in a wide variety of industries.


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Wayne Gray, BSc. MSW, Registered Social Worker

I believe there’s an art to “communicating” effectively with someone, but I believe even more so that there’s a compelling force and undeniable strength that erupts when “connecting” effectively with someone who has realized that certain experiential narratives in their life have led to adversity, confusion, and unhappiness more often than not.

I understand that individuals navigate through numerous circumstances in their lives which seem to take on a deficit focused viewpoint. Which is why I believe connecting with those who are feeling overwhelmed through these experiences is so vital; helping one to harness that distinctive energy while also collaborating with them to create a foundation that is strength-based will reinvigorate their sense of hope and resolve. This in turn helps build resiliency, and a resilient spirit embraces positive change.

I am a clinical social worker with over 10 years experience in areas related to adolescent and youth mental health, as well as adult mental health and substance use both in the everyday living community or more prescribed health settings.

My education and training began in the United States (Boston Massachusetts) before returning to Canada to complete my studies. My profession is influenced by an anti-oppressive framework, which has therefore equipped me with a solid foundation to identify factors that contribute to feelings of marginalization, exclusion, or being undervalued. This framework also underpins the importance of a strength-based approach and helping rebuild one’s resiliency.

Despite being able to utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches, my objective is to meet the person where they’re at and we then walk together to their desired place of content and normalcy.