Wayne Gray

BSc. MSW, Registered Social Worker

I believe there’s an art to “communicating” effectively with someone, but I believe even more so that there’s a compelling force and undeniable strength that erupts when “connecting” effectively with someone who has realized that certain experiential narratives in their life have led to adversity, confusion, and unhappiness more often than not.
I understand that individuals navigate through numerous circumstances in their lives which seem to take on a deficit focused viewpoint. Which is why I believe connecting with those who are feeling overwhelmed through these experiences is so vital; helping one to harness that distinctive energy while also collaborating with them to create a foundation that is strength-based will reinvigorate their sense of hope and resolve.

This in turn helps build resiliency, and a resilient spirit embraces positive change. I am a clinical social worker with over 10 years experience in areas related to adolescent and youth mental health, as well as adult mental health and substance use both in the everyday living community or more prescribed health settings. My education and training began in the United States (Boston Massachusetts) before returning to Canada to complete my studies. My profession is influenced by an anti-oppressive framework, which has therefore equipped me with a solid foundation to identify factors that contribute to feelings of marginalization, exclusion, or being undervalued.

This framework also underpins the importance of a strength-based approach and helping rebuild one’s resiliency. Despite being able to utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches, my objective is to meet the person where they’re at and we then walk together to their desired place of content and normalcy.