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“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no one recipe for living that suits all cases.”

~ Carl Jung

Elpizo Counselling Services

Ruth and Elvis Baah-Gyebi founded Elpizo Counselling Services in 2003 in the UK after seeing an urgent need for ethnocultural perspectives in anglo-centric counselling. Encouraged by their success, they moved to Ontario in 2008 and reestablished Elpizo in the beautiful city of Milton. Within the next decade, Elpizo rapidly scaled up into a thriving group practice.

Since then, much has changed in the world, but Elpizo’s mission to develop an ethnically and culturally diverse team of therapists remains unchanged. Further, Elpizo remains committed to providing accessible therapeutic services virtually/online to people in Ontario and in Canadian provinces that are unregulated.

Our wide range of professional counselling and therapeutic services sets us apart as a mental health service provider. We are integrative in our approach and use modalities with demonstrated effectiveness to serve our client’s diverse needs. When you come to us, you get to experience a genuinely unconditional, and non-judgmental relationship that offers support and hope. We also understand that every client is unique and our approaches reflect that.

Our therapists are culturally diverse and come with comprehensive training and certification to work with individuals, couples and families. Anxiety, depression, anger, grief, insomnia, addiction/relapse prevention, phobias, compulsive habits, weight loss issues, and pain management are just some of the areas our therapists are trained in resolving. We also have therapists trained in using Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) for trauma and trauma-related issues. RRT is a non-invasive approach that has been proven to work in a shorter time frame when compared to some other therapies.

Elpizo means hope, and our passion is to help you thrive so you can live your life to its fullest.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team comprises of psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, child and adolescent therapists, registered social workers, mental health specialists, and we collaborate with psychologists, family physicians, naturopathic specialists, nutritionists, and other health professionals.

We believe that our diversity and skills enable us to meet the needs of our clients, whatever their background. Our practice is also recognized as a clinical training facility for several colleges and universities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to inspire hope, renew strength, support healing and enrich the lives of people that have experienced some form of crises, trauma and challenging circumstances.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the tools, resources and support that will help people soar to new heights, achieve their personal goals and negotiate new challenges.

Our Passion

Our Passion is restoring hope, renewing strength and enriching lives.

Our Values

Our Philosophy & Approach

At Elpizo Counselling Services we are dedicated to excellence and helping people soar to new heights and achieving their highest personal outcomes. Our team of psychotherapists believe that there is hope for everyone to heal and thrive. Our client-centred practice provides a non-judgmental and safe space for people to process crises, trauma, challenges and to rebound from adverse experiences.

We utilize evidence-based clinical and therapeutic modalities in providing wholistic care through mental, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual development

Our diverse team of psychotherapists integrate professional competence, compassion and customized care resulting in quality service. Together we are Elpizo, where hope brings healing.

At Elpizo you will:

At Elpizo your values and beliefs will be honored and respected.

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