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Marriage School

Unlock the keys to successful Marriages.

“Marriage is a school we never graduate from yet it gives the certificates before the lessons begin. So, let us help you maintain, and achieve your successful marriage and get an upgrade to that certificate.”

~ Elvis Baah-Gyebi

Elpizo Marriage School

Whether happily married, or struggling to stay connected we know there are some valuable lessons that can be learned as we navigate the marital journey.

Use the keys we will teach to enhance, build, and enrich the successful marriage you envisioned when you said I Do. Stop running on empty, pull in at the Marriage School and fill up on high octane love fuel.

Use your insurance or invest in the love of a lifetime. Cheaper than a second wedding, divorce or a vow renewal; this will be one of the best decisions you make toward a brighter future!

Marriage School offers the following:

How to get started with Elpizo:

At Elpizo we work hard to ensure that there is a good fit between you and your Therapist. Contact us now  learn more about our intake process and how we match you with the right professional for your individual counselling needs.

Marriage School Courses

Knowing me, Knowing you (a-ha)

Do “opposites attract” or do “birds of the same feather flock together”? This class has been designed to give you a better understanding and valuable insights into your unique self. “No man is an Island”, you need each other to do this. Together, you will learn how to appreciate and live harmoniously with your unique spouse and others as you celebrate your differences.

Honey, I’m all Ears

Developing a relationship without communication is like trying to make orange juice without oranges: it is impossible. When you first fall in love, communication seems like a breeze. Listening is fun, talking is fluid and the company is amazing. As time passes and life gets busier and fuller it becomes increasingly more difficult to hear each other. This class will teach you how to actively listen and understand before responding.

Honey, I got the Message

It takes time and energy to change common marriage communication mistakes. However, when we are intentional about communicating to connect, we can succeed. This class will highlight some communication mistakes that shuts us down in marriage. It will enable you to identify your communication styles and provide you with the tools to become more effective in getting your message across.

Blue Glasses, Pink Glasses

All couples have differences and disagreements. Studies show marital happiness is more related to how conflict is handled. Let’s embrace the opportunity to learn and enhance our communication skills and conflict resolution styles with our partners. This class will help you identify your emotional triggers that escalate disagreements and equip you with tools to manage difficult conversations.

Special Blend

Family structures have changed over the years. More than one-third of Canadians are in some form of a stepfamily/blended family situation. Shifting the focus from the health of a marriage to managing the new configuration of the family unit brings many challenges. The relationships between parent/child and couple can become stained. This class will discuss effective strategies to achieve that Special Blend!

Money, Money, Money in a Rich Man’s World

It is said that money is the root of all evil! It is also said that money is one of the biggest stresses in marriage. This class will help couples explore some important concepts related to finances and provide the tools to experience financial freedom in marriage with accountability.

In and Out of Season

There’s an old proverb that says, “though there may be snow on the roof, there is still fire in the furnace”. What season are you in? Like most things in life, change happens. Marriage does not remain in the “honeymoon” phase forever. How do you keep the passion in the relationship sizzling through the changes of life?

Love Snacks

Explore the art of keeping the fire glowing in marriage as you navigate the world of romantic love. Learn the difference between romance and sex. Leave knowing how to stoke the flames of passion with your partner.

Chip off the ole Block

We often say we don’t want to be like our mum or dad when we grow up, but often times, we become just like them. What is your parenting style? How has the way you were brought up influenced how you are parenting now? It is never too late. This class will help you identify your parenting style and offer some strategies that will enrich your parent/child relationship whether young or old.

Between the Sheets

For many, sex remains a taboo topic only addressed behind closed doors. This class will do away with the secrecy, awkwardness and avoidance that persist. We will create a safe space where you can have that frank dialogue. In the wise words of Salt-N-Pepa, “It keeps coming up anyhow. Don’t decoy, avoid, or make void the topic. Cuz that ain’t gonna stop it”. So, let’s talk real about sex and the art of love making.

The Blue Print

Do you use a GPS when travelling to an unknown destination? Do you create a business plan when you want to start a new venture or borrow money from the bank to start a new business? Marriage is a journey of life that begins with most of us not having a plan, GPS, map etc. We will guide you in creating a shared vision, a shared purpose and a marriage plan for your unique journey. This is a fun and creative class you wouldn’t want to miss.

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