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Elpizo's Founders

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Ruth and Elvis Baah-Gyebi are the co-founders of Elpizo Counselling, both educated in the United Kingdom

Ruth & Elvis Baah-Gyebi

Greetings and a warm welcome to Elpizo Counselling Services. We are Ruth and Elvis Baah-Gyebi, the co-founders of Elpizo Counselling. Our professional journey began in the United Kingdom, where we received our education and initiated our counselling practice. As registered psychotherapists with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, we bring 25 years of extensive experience to our roles, not only as practitioners but also as professional trainers and clinical supervisors.

Ruth: Our connection with Ontario deepened after an enriching experience as presenters at a Youth Conference in Peterborough back in 2003. Following the event, during our journey home, I turned to Elvis and expressed my readiness to make Ontario our new home. This decision marked a significant shift, as Elvis had long harbored the desire for us to relocate to Canada.

In 2008, our journey in Ontario began with our family of five. Two years later, in 2010, a significant milestone unfolded as we established our private practice in Milton, Ontario. However, as 2015 approached, our practice expanded beyond our home office. With increasing demand from students for supervision and practicum opportunities, and a deepening passion for teaching and mentorship, our practice naturally evolved into a group setting. Today, we are honored to lead a diverse team serving Halton, Peel, Toronto, and other parts of Canada and internationally offering our support to clients through in-person and virtual sessions.

Elvis: I’m thrilled for this life’s journey alongside my wife, my business partner, and my cherished companion, whom I affectionately refer to as Sugar Dumpling, or when I want to be romantic, I call her Sugar D. Celebrating 31 years of marriage this year, our shared experiences have bestowed upon us invaluable lessons, enriching our ability to support the couples we work with, and enhancing the depth of our resources.

We remain committed to nurturing the well-being of our diverse clientele as we continue this journey together. We are committed to instilling hope, and transforming lives.

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Elpizo Counselling Founders Ruth and Elvis
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